“How do you download more dedidaded wam?”
Basically, we’re thinking about getting a dedicated server. This will be a major upgrade and will improve the server tremendously. (Our dev Blub needs some better equipment to play around with).

Because I love you all so much, I will get this dedicated server for y’all. As I like transparency, this dedi (as the pro’s call it, or so I have been told/lied to) will cost €60 a month with an additional €50 setup fee.
That said, if you want to help out with the server costs, you can do so here! https://www.patreon.com/theboothill

Note: Please don’t donate if you can not absolutely miss this money. Your donations are helpful as long as you can miss them. If you find yourself in financial problems, cancel your subscription to Patreon. We’d rather have you pay your bills and not be in debt than have a few bucks.

In order to celebrate this, we introduce a new tier of Patreon, called Omega.
It’s just a name and gives you the same benefits as the VIP rank, but allows you to support the server more <3

Thank you for reading and maybe even considering to donate.