Hello everyone, this is Direwolf20’s server admin Thanks_Again. In this blog we will tell you about how nothing happened. On august 15th, absolutely nothing happened. You wont notice a thing when you log in after, as nothing happened.

In all seriousness, big props to SSBlur for helping the server out tremendously. You should say thanks to him when you see him online.

If it wasn’t clear already, SSBlur migrated the server and its files to our new VPS, wich has basically triple the power that we had before. Expect more TPS, less lag and thus more fun!

Also, please help me welcome @SSBlur to the admin team! He will help us with the development/back-end part of the server. I’ve been told that we wont need a server restart every 3 hours anymore, so we are going to scale that wayyyy down to once every 24 hours as a test.

@Tini531 has also been a great help and as most of you know, but now officially, she has become our Community Moderator 🙂 Say congrats to her if you see her in-game!

Expect cool things in the future ✌

As for Volcanoblock, I don’t have any news on the development for that. I will leave for holiday in 2 days, and I don’t know if this server will be set up during my absence. That said, I can keep the old setup we had and upload volcanoblock to that. If I have some spare time between packing and preparing I will do that.

However, we will for now keep the focus on being a Direwolf20 server.

As always, thanks to our players for playing and a special thanks to our patroons: @SSBlur and @Ninjatree42