Hey all.

As you might have noticed, our player base has increased. Welcome @Everyone!
Let me first of all thank our Patroons that support the server. I will do this for every post onward.
So, thank you NinjaTree42 and SSBlur for your support via Patreon!

As you might have noticed, a bigger player base will make the server a little (read: a lot) slower. That’s why we decided that the best way forward is to move everything to a private server. This will take some time, but will increase performance by a lot. Right now we are looking in to our options and we will make sure we will keep you posted.

As for the Volcano block server, I would request you all to be a little more patient, as this is out of our hands right now. We are still working on it, but it might take a little longer than we had hoped for.

If you have any ideas on extra things we can do for people that support the server, please let the @Staff know in #Suggestions.
Keep in mind that we do not want to sell items. It’s not in the server’s interest to make the game pay to win.